When doing it for the gram becomes life

Black Mirror is a show based off a dystopian future alternate society where aspects of our current lives are blown up and portrayed in this society. In the episode Nosedive, their entire society is based off of social media. Everyone rates their interactions with pretty much everyone they see throughout the day in addition to the basic Instagram-like social media feed. Your social status is determined by what other people are ranking you. Because of the constant need to be building your profile, people’s morph their personalities and basically try to become a new person. In order to do this, they start doing things that they think others will like rather than what makes them happy personally. One scene in particular that stuck out to me was in the beginning of the episode when Lacie is literally standing in front of the mirror practicing her laugh. She is trying to change her laugh and smile to make it more appealing to others. This just seemed absurd to me as she is literally trying to change something that is a natural body function. We don’t pick our laughs, they just come out. With this kind of conformity, society as a whole becomes fake. Everyone is pretending to be something that they are not. Without being able to express your individuality openly, it all gets bottled up inside just waiting to explode and release back into society. This bottling up of personalities is not healthy and it shows. The woman truck driver who doesn’t care about her ranking and just speaks her mind seems so free when contrasted to the rest of society. You can see the development of Lacie’s realization that what other people think isn’t all that matters in life. Once one thing goes wrong, everything starts to fall apart around her spiraling out of control as all of her emotions she’s kept in come pouring out culminating in the wedding speech. Then she frees herself from the societal pressure and judgement when she goes to jail. Lacie’s true self comes out and she is overcome with all the pent up personality.

This episode kinda scared me because this seems like something that could actually happen in our society in the future. We are already so intertwined with social media that this next step doesn’t seem that far fetched. The more we let social media influence and control the way we perceive each other, the closer we come to making this episode reality.



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