They’re Always Watching

Big Brother. A phrase commonly used to describe the constantly increasing amount of surveillance of us by the government and corporations. These institutions can figure out every aspect of our lives extremely accurately without that much digging. Simply by monitoring our use of technology in our daily lives, companies like Oracle and Acxiom create profiles of our persona off of our online habits. With the internet being increasingly involved in our lives, these profiles are becoming more and more descriptive. They can tell what kind of mood you’re in by the way you browse on your computer, your socioeconomic status by your purchases and website history, and even your physical characteristics based off Facebook likes. Most people live in ignorant bliss of the fact that all of our lives are being monitored and sold from company to company so that they can target their advertisements and do who knows what. In Feed, this same data mining and profiling is seen in their feeds. The advertisements are programmed based off of what they have been looking at and thinking. Violet has decided she isn’t going to play along with the feed anymore and is attempting to throw off the algorithm by shopping for things that have no logical connection. This is something that we could do as well to try to counteract the widespread monitoring of our lives, every now and then browse the internet for things that would make no sense together. In our society, we are always being watched, it is hard to go anywhere and not be seen on a camera of some sort. This data monitoring can be convenient sometimes with things that you’re actually interested in being placed in accessible locations but when there is no disclosure on what is being done with the information, that is when problems can arise. This identity profiling can be highly dangerous if it ends up in the wrong hands. With this kind of secrecy, who knows what is happening with our information.


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