Old People and the Internet

The internet has changed the world at every level of society. Our world looks incredibly different than it did just 20 years ago and is still rapidly evolving. Some people have trouble adapting to new things, specifically old people. You always hear about the classic grouchy old man, getting mad at kids for being kids. From the readings that we’ve done this week, we can clearly see that this feeling exists when it comes to technology. The articles were filled with angry old men writing about how technology is keeping us apart from each other and leading to many of the problems that we are facing. Kenneth Gergen and his idea of the absent presence has an aggressively anti-technology tone throughout the article. He blames cell phones for the issues we have in society like columbine, suicides, and even child pornography. To me, this sounds like an old man blaming something new for all the problems in the world. Just like the phrase, cant teach an old dog new tricks, you can’t give an old person new technology. People don’t like change, so when massive changes happened, like for example the internet, people are going to be abrasive to it in the beginning. As someone that has grown up with the internet, I have always embraced and understood it, but for someone that grew up with radio being a big deal, the internet would have shocked their world. My promise to myself is that I will always keep up with the new technology of our society so I never become a grumpy old man who hates change.


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