The internet has something about everything and conspiracies are no exception. There is literally a conspiracy for every major event that has happened in history. Conspiracies can come from anything regardless of what kind of thing happened or how it was documented. Something can be documented perfectly but people will still find a way to spin it into something other than it appears. People see what they want to see, regardless of fact. Take the moon landing for example. This was an event that was documented first hand but yet people still believe that it was faked by the government. This exemplifies how people let their feelings for other aspects of life influence how they view the world. So someone that doesn’t trust the government for political reasons may view everything that they do as faked, hence the moon landing conspiracy. However, not every conspiracy has to come from a specific event. There are many conspiracies simply having to do with the physical earth. One of the most prominent theories is the flat earth theory. This stems straight from the “seeing is believing” thought process. People believe that because no one has ever seen the entire earth, it must be a flat object. Despite it being physically impossible to ever see the entire Earth since its a sphere. This conspiracy theory really gained a lot of popularity last year thanks to the internet. Kyrie Irving, one of the best basketball players in the world, made the statement that the world was indeed flat which naturally went viral. It had countless people becoming new believers in this theory based solely off of its spread through the internet. The internet allows people to have easy access and exposure to these wild conspiracy theories, thus broadening their scope.


And here is a link to my personal favorite conspiracy theory that is 100% accurate because it was on reddit which is always factually correct.

The Finland Conspiracy and all you need to know about it. from finlandConspiracy




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